Maplewood Farms – Our Veggie Garden Bounty

From a gardening perspective, my thumb is not green – it is blackish. So, when one of our volunteers suggested a potted patio garden, and our volunteer coordinator, Lori, endorsed the idea, I wondered how it would all turn out. One of our volunteers offered to lend his considerable expertise and a group of residents voiced their interest in participating. Thus, our Garden Club emerged!

Both last year and this year’s planting days occurred in early June. A group of residents enthusiastically dug right into the project alongside volunteers and family members. Several residents and volunteers help tend to the garden throughout the season with regular watering, fertilizing, and checking for fully grown, ready to pick vegetables.

By late July, early August, we’re picking! Our bounty includes green beans, eggplants, peppers, herbs and of course, tomatoes. We get creative and try various recipes to taste our garden veggies! We’ve made bean salads, marinara sauce, and omelets. We even spun homemade ice cream with fresh mint. One resident suggested a twist to our greens and beans with the addition of tomatoes. Yummy!

We’re just getting started with cooking this year and can’t wait to try some delicious new dishes!

Last year, we capped the season off by planting bulbs in our barrels. We had beautiful tulips blooming this past springtime! We even brought them inside for Easter.

Our garden is quite a success! In addition to the fresh bounty of veggies and herbs, our Maplewood community truly enjoys the group activities involved in caring for and harvesting the plants.

Thanks to everyone for caring and looking out for our little garden!