Palliative Care

When you choose a long-term care facility, you must consider more than today’s needs. As time goes on, the needs of your loved one will naturally become more complex, perhaps due to serious or even life-threatening illness. Maplewood’s Palliative Care practice is focused on maximizing quality of life during the most challenging of times, while providing ongoing support for the extended family.

palliative care

When a Conversation Becomes a Gift

It starts with a question. One question becomes many. Those questions start a conversation. Not an easy conversation, but one of the most important you can have with your loved one. The result – understanding, acceptance, peace – becomes a priceless gift. This is the beginning of the palliative care process.

Living with serious illness and journeying through end-of-life stages are natural aspects of our lives. It’s when quality of life and availability of choice matter the most. It’s when we want to know ours has been a life well-lived. Talking openly about this phase of life is key to attaining peace of mind. Our experienced Palliative Care Team will lovingly facilitate these conversations with you while respecting your feelings.

What is Palliative Care?

Maplewood’s approach to caring for those who are challenged with serious illness or at life’s final stages is known as palliative care. This specialized form of medical care affirms life and realizes that what our residents and families need most is relief from distressing symptoms of disease, the security of a caring environment and sustained expert care. Palliative care seeks to maximize quality of life through symptom management, attention to emotional and spiritual well-being, and commitment to education.

Palliative care plans are individualized and administered by a team of specially-qualified care professionals including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, aides, social workers, therapists, and dietary specialists. Because of its holistic nature, the practice often includes additional care such as spiritual guidance, emotional support, and alternative therapies.

You’ll Always Have a Home

We’re deeply committed to making The Maplewood feel as much like home as possible, as home is where quality of life is defined. It’s where you’re most comfortable. Home is where life happens, and it’s where the people that matter most are ever-present.

It’s within an environment of comfort, peace, and compassion that the practice of palliative care is administered at The Maplewood. Even during life’s most challenging moments, there’s no need for potentially disruptive moves. Here, your loved one will always have a home.

palliative care

Living with Clarity

We attain peace when we have clarity and understanding. That’s why a main focus of palliative care is communication. We believe that you should always know what to expect at each stage, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay engaged and make informed decisions.

Commitment to communication also means continuous learning for members of our palliative care team. Each take part in ongoing education in the palliative practice area, building upon the specialized knowledge and experience they bring to the team.

palliative care

Caring for the Whole Family

The ideal care environment is where you feel relief. Providing physical, spiritual and emotional care during the most challenging of times means offering the entire family the most comfortable and peaceful place in which to spend quality time with loved ones.

We’ve been purposeful in designing The Maplewood to offer places to rest, reflect and replenish. These become cherished spaces as loved ones gather to enjoy the warmth of each other’s presence. Many find comfort in spending time with other Maplewood families as well, where truly special bonds are formed.

The facility is fabulous and well run. It's the best nursing home I've ever seen.