Personal Care

It’s those personal touches, those one-on-one experiences, which help keep you looking and feeling your best. At The Maplewood, you’ll be pampered with a host of choices to make your personal care as rejuvenating and enjoyable as possible.


A Cut Above Salon

The Destination for Looking Your Best

Strolling up to its storefront-like façade, which brings to mind your favorite hometown salon or barbershop, it quickly becomes apparent that a memorable and enjoyable experience waits for you inside A Cut Above, our in-house hair care establishment.

Serving The Maplewood’s ladies and gentlemen alike, our licensed hair care professionals are friendly, accommodating and experienced in the needs and preferences of our senior clientele.

Three Decades of Service

Getting to Know Gordy the Barber

Ask our barber Gordon “Gordy” Wright about his favorite part of providing haircuts for residents at The Maplewood.

“My favorite part is the stories. Some of these guys are pretty interesting! We’ve got fighter pilots, builders, Great Lakes shipping captains and more.”

Spa Like Comfort

Bathing Suites Designed for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Maplewood’s bathing suites exude gentle themes and welcoming aesthetics to promote relaxation and revitalization. They feature earthy sandstone-color tile and subtle lighting to promote a relaxing aura. Spaciousness abounds, but not so much as to lose the feeling of comfort. The layout ensures privacy, and nursing aides maneuver wheel-chaired residents with ease.