Active Living

Staying active is key to vibrancy of life at The Maplewood. Our residents enjoy special events, exciting outings and a full program of recreational activities.

Daily Activities

Our residents enjoy a dynamic recreation program with an array of choices, such as group exercise, live concerts, cooking, art and crafts, all kinds of games, discussion based activities, movies, happy hours, special events, outings and much more. Residents play a key role in creating our monthly recreational calendars.

Outings and Trips

Getting out in the community is so important to many of our residents. We go in small groups to see the sights, shop at the mall, visit museums and other interesting places, check out festivals, or head up the street for a donut or some ice cream.

We also love offering personalized experiences based on a resident’s interests, where we go on a special outing created just for them. We’ve gone on individual trips to arboretums, ball games, the canal for a walk or some fishing, a beloved restaurant for lunch, a favorite store, and many other fun locations.

“From the moment I stepped into the building I could tell this was nothing like any nursing home I had ever seen. It wasn’t just the physical finishes and layout, it was the people. Everyone I met seems to sincerely care about everything in the building. You can tell the staff truly care about people.”

S Waltz, family member of a Maplewood resident.”


Being part of The Maplewood family means being part of a team that cares and goes the extra mile in everything we do. Our residents know they can depend on us, because we make sure each one of them is happy, healthy, and engaged in life.

Getting to Know Gary Sacco,
Director of Recreation

Gary talks about approaching each day as an opportunity to make a difference and treating each resident as an individual with unique needs. He’s learned that some days it’s the smallest gestures that can make the biggest impact on a resident’s experience.