Senior Event Calendar

Staying active is key to vibrancy of life at The Maplewood. Our residents enjoy special events, exciting outings and a full program of daily activities. Residents play a key role in creating our monthly recreational calendars, and extended family members are always encouraged to participate.

Recreation Calendar

Meet Gary Sacco

Director of Recreation

Gary Sacco

“I like to make sure our residents have plenty of opportunities to get involved here.

“Sometimes my job is like being a PI. I like to make sure residents have plenty of opportunities to get involved and get to know each other. And if I notice someone is having a rough day or isn’t connecting, I take it upon myself to see what their particular interests are.

“That may mean a conversation with the resident, a phone call to a relative or paying close attention to clues from their past. Over the last 20 years I’ve done everything from typing up a personalized schedule of baseball games to starting a new program to see who shows up. It’s all about making things happen for the residents.”

The whole staff is above and beyond excellent.