Rehabilitation Care

The Maplewood Difference

The Maplewood bridges the gap between hospital care and home life, and we do it in style. Our short term rehabilitation patients can take advantage of skilled nursing care, a personal therapy plan and a resort-like lifestyle.

While we focus on your comfort, you can rest assured knowing we also provide the highest quality care. Residents are evaluated by medical professionals who take their health, goals and preferences into consideration to develop a personalized plan of care that’s best for them.

We provide everything needed to help you recover as soon as possible – State of the art equipment, licensed physical and occupational therapists and advanced treatments.

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Meeting Your Goals

During rehabilitation, you’ll receive personalized restorative therapy services, which include physical and occupational therapies that are delivered through a goal-based program to regain capabilities.

Our physical therapy team focuses on achieving and maintaining the highest possible level of mobility, strength, range of motion, balance and flexibility. Therapists also work on pain management by incorporating modalities as appropriate into therapy sessions. This may include use of heat and ice, ultrasound, electric nerve stimulation and diathermy.

Our occupational therapy team works on daily living skills such as bathing and dressing. They also assist with resuming activities based on personal interests.


Walking incorporates weight-bearing exercise and enhances mobility, endurance, strength, and balance. Our walking program is a collaborative effort between our therapy and nursing departments. Our therapy department evaluates each resident and if appropriate, a walking program with detailed recommendations is incorporated into the resident’s care plan. Our nursing staff then implements the program using care techniques to ensure resident safety.

Modified Yoga and Chair Chi

Ann Shanders shares the benefits of modified yoga and chair chi,
two forms of exercise that we offer in our wellness classes at The Maplewood.

Wellness and Exercise

Since health and happiness go hand in hand, we offer the opportunity to participate in unique and progressive wellness programs, which are offered every day. Through Individual therapy sessions and group exercise classes, you’ll enjoy a higher quality, more active life.

Transitioning from Short Term Rehabilitation to Long Term Care

After completing their restorative therapy program, many people are able to safely move back home. We are here to help with discharge planning to promote a smooth transition back to the community. We also provide recommendations and information should home care services be required.

Those who need to continue to receive 24-hour skilled nursing care can transition to a long term care stay at The Maplewood. In this situation, your care plan will continue to include assessments, evaluations and maintenance therapy, as appropriate throughout your stay.

“The decision to take him away from homecare to the nursing home was difficult because of prior experiences when my mom was in a different nursing home. The Maplewood is so far above anything you could’ve ever asked for or expected to find.”

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Skilled nursing care and support is required for all types of admissions and stays at The Maplewood whether they are short or long stays. It is the rehabilitation stays that have changed the most significantly in recent years.