Making a Difference

Being part of The Maplewood family means being part of a team that cares and goes the extra mile in everything we do. Our residents know they can depend on us, because we make sure each one of them is happy, healthy, and engaged in life.

That’s why we depend on our volunteers to help make each day special for our residents. For those in the Rochester, New York area looking to make a difference, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities at our nursing facility in the nearby suburb of Webster. By organizing a party, attending a trip, presenting a new idea or simply spending time with them, no matter the type of activity, you can make a difference.

Volunteering to help

What’s your unique gift? We all have something special to offer. Let us know about your passions, and together we’ll work to find exciting ways to share your gifts.

Our residents’ comfort and quality of life are important to us, and that means every single volunteer is an integral part of providing care in The Maplewood Way. To find out how you can become a volunteer at The Maplewood, contact us using the form below.

Ready to apply to be a volunteer at The Maplewood? We invite you to apply today using the form below.

You can also visit our blog for a peak at volunteering at The Maplewood.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application
Emergency Contact Address
I understand that in conjunction with this application, Maplewood will be performing a background check and a check of the state nurse's aide directory for all prospective volunteers. I further understand that smoking is strictly prohibited on Maplewood grounds and that it is my duty to abide by this policy and enforce it when necessary. I verify and affirm that all information provided in this application is true. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts will be suffcient cause for immediate dismissal from volunteering at Maplewood Nursing Home. If you understand please sign your name below.
The staff is wonderful and the setting is gorgeous.