Our volunteers are an integral part of The Maplewood family and we depend on them to help make each day special for our residents. For those in the Rochester, New York area looking to make a difference, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities at our nursing facility in the nearby suburb of Webster.

Making a Difference

What’s your unique gift? Our volunteers share their time and talents making it possible for us to offer a diverse and dynamic recreation program. They help in many different ways, from transporting residents to meals and activities, spending time visiting, assisting with games and events, helping on outings, bringing in fun crafts, running our book club, doing cooking demonstrations (with tastings, of course), sharing their musical talents, and so much more!

Let us know about your passions, and together we’ll work to find exciting ways to share your gifts!

Meet Lori Porte

Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Porte, likes to find just the right fit for Maplewood volunteers. What are their interests? Do they have a talent they’d like to share? Do they like to visit, cook, garden, paint, craft or play games? Or, are they flexible and happy to pitch in wherever they are needed?

In addition to leading our volunteers, Lori is a creative, crafty person. She collaborates with our recreation staff and volunteers to come up with interesting programs for residents to try. Garden Club is a great example. What started as a volunteer thinking it would be fun to grow a vegetable garden, became a wonderful set of seasonal activities. Our residents and volunteers work together to plant, water and care for our vegetable and herb garden. Then, they harvest and cook several dishes using fresh, just-picked ingredients!

Lori also develops interesting craft projects, and when flowers are donated to Maplewood, she leads our volunteers in making beautiful arrangements for residents’ rooms and social areas in our building.

Volunteer Log In

Once you become a volunteer, you can log in to see where help is needed and sign up to assist us. Please see our Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Porte, if you need assistance with logging in.

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