Long Term Care

Choosing a long term care facility can be overwhelming. With over three generations of experience providing long term care with a personal touch, we can address your concerns and guide you through the process. We have the information you need and the services you deserve.

Our Distinctly Different Approach


Our residents live with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their needs will always be met with exceptional, personalized care, all day, every day. They have a voice in all aspects of their lives.

We understand that a personalized approach is essential for providing the best possible care and quality of life. That’s why we deliver services through a plan of care developed to specifically address individual needs. Each Maplewood care plan combines resident and family input with the efforts of the physician, nurses, and other disciplines such as therapy, dining services, social services and recreation.

We work closely with our residents and family members, providing advocacy and support for addressing the challenges associated with aging and increasing care needs.

Maplewood Lifestyle

24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care

Our nursing staff, in collaboration with our attending physician and nurse practitioners, provides exceptional care to every resident 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. A large number of our nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have been working here for many years. They’ve formed special relationships with our residents and families, which enhances and personalizes the care and support they provide. Our devoted, experienced nurses and CNAs also serve as mentors as they help newer staff deliver the high level of care and compassion that’s expected at The Maplewood.


To maximize health, comfort, and convenience, additional in-house medical services are available to our residents without the need to travel. Our team of care specialists includes the following:

  • Ophthalmologist
  • Podiatrist
  • Urologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Dentist and Dental Hygienist
  • Dietician
  • Audiologist

The Maplewood is truly beautiful and the nurses and nursing assistants are exceptional.

K Madden, daughter of a Maplewood resident

Therapy Services

Our physical therapy team benefits our long term care residents by improving overall health and well-being. We focus on achieving and maintaining the highest possible level of mobility, strength, range of motion, balance and flexibility. This can help improve or maintain the ability to stand, walk, self-balance and safely get in and out of a car.

Pain Management
Our therapists work on pain management for all residents by incorporating modalities, as appropriate, into therapy sessions. This may include use of heat and ice, ultrasound, electric nerve stimulation and diathermy.

Walking Program
Walking incorporates weight-bearing exercise and enhances mobility, endurance, strength, and balance. Our walking program is a collaborative effort between our therapy and nursing departments. Our therapy department evaluates each resident and if appropriate, a walking program with detailed recommendations is incorporated into the resident’s care plan. Our nursing staff then implements the program using care techniques to ensure resident safety.

Our occupational therapy team works on daily living skills, such as the ability to bathe, dress, eat and engage in fine motor activities. Our therapists also perform cognitive assessments and then, based on the results and personal interests of the resident, they recommend a variety of activities that will stimulate cognitive functioning while enhancing fine motor abilities.

Our speech and language pathologists can assess and treat issues related to hearing, speech, language, communication, cognitive impairment and swallowing concerns.

Adaptive Clothing

An overview on adaptive clothing and demonstration of a recommended method for dressing and undressing your loved one with a constricted side.

Staying Active – Wellness and Exercise

Since health and happiness go hand in hand, we offer the opportunity to participate in unique and progressive wellness programs, which are offered every day. Through Individual therapy sessions and group exercise classes, we help our residents enjoy higher quality, more active lives.