The best way to experience life at The Maplewood is by visiting our Rochester-area nursing facility.
We encourage you to pay us a visit at the time that's most convenient for you, day or night.
In the meantime, please browse our online tour as one way to start your Maplewood experience.

Rooms & Suites

We don’t think you should give up your privacy just because you need nursing care. That’s why all of The Maplewood’s rooms are private, allowing you to enjoy life on your terms.


No matter your dining preference, you’ll love the Maplewood difference. Order a quiet cup of coffee, eat dinner with friends or a enjoy a drink with the family; it’s our pleasure to serve you.

Social Spaces

Lounges and greeting spaces at The Maplewood are built with one thing in mind: your comfort. With the relaxing sound of a unique water wall, nature-inspired d├ęcor, leather couches, plush chairs, and high-definition TVs, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked into a luxury hotel.

Personal Care

It’s those personal touches, those one-on-one experiences, which help keep you looking and feeling your best. At The Maplewood, you’ll be pampered with a host of choices to make your personal care as rejuvenating and enjoyable as possible.

Therapy & Wellness

Our therapy and wellness gymnasiums play an important role in life at The Maplewood. Whether rehabilitating during a short-term stay or attending wellness classes on a regular basis, it’s important that our residents enjoy a comfortable environment that is the right size and that has the right features.

Nursing Care

Nurse stations at The Maplewood serve as centralized hubs for caregivers to plan and for family members to go with questions. The adjacent lounges provide social spaces for residents and loved ones to enjoy each others company.

100 Daniel Drive | Webster, NY 14580 | (585) 872-1800