Q&A Video Series

Greg Chambery, Administrator, shares helpful information
by addressing questions and concerns for those considering long term care

Question: How are healthcare navigators organized?

Question: What new trend are you seeing this Spring?

Question: How has the vaccine
made nursing homes safer?

Question: Does the vaccine change the balance between mental health and physical safety?

Question: How has staff sacrifice helped Maplewood through the pandemic?

Question: What is the issue between safety and patient rights?

Question: How do you see long term care changing moving forward?

Question: What advice would you give someone considering a nursing home today?

Question: What impact do you think the vaccines will have for nursing homes?

Question: What are the details for COVID-19 vaccinations at The Maplewood?

Question: How is your team re-establishing dining options?

Question: What should I do if my family member needs more help?

Question: What past obstacles prepared Maplewood to deal with something like COVID-19?