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We’re pleased to share stories of daily life at The Maplewood, as well as some of the philosophy and knowledge that helps make The Maplewood distinctly different.

Medicare Waiver Streamlines Path to Rehabilitation Care

Does your loved one require a nursing home stay for rehabilitation? They may qualify for a special waiver, allowing them to avoid a hospital stay first. Medicare typically requires a three-day inpatient hospital stay before covering the costs of rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility (SNF). For example, if your spouse needed rehab after being seen in a hospital emergency room, he/she would be required to stay in the hospital for at least

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Understanding Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for a Skilled Nursing Facility

Most people agree that trying to understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid is complicated on its own. But when an unexpected life event forces the immediate need for long-term care for a loved one, making sense of coverage options can be even more confusing. If you have found yourself in this position, keep reading because this explanation can help you make sense of a confusing system. You’ll understand the

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