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We’re pleased to share stories of daily life at The Maplewood, as well as some of the philosophy and knowledge that helps make The Maplewood distinctly different.

Researching Nursing Homes

Exploring Nursing Home Options in Rochester, NY?
Learn How to Ask the Right Questions.

In the quest for the ideal nursing home for your loved one, it’s crucial to focus on key areas of importance. There are several questions that I hear quite often and I think they could be asked just a little bit differently to get more insightful responses. By crafting the right questions, you can streamline the process and get the information you’re really looking for. For instance, if you are

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A Simple Way to Help Your Loved One

Finding the right nursing home for your loved one doesn’t have to be hard. There are many different approaches to picking a nursing home, but one method offers a balance between simplicity and effectiveness: focusing on personality. Why Personality is Key Putting your loved one’s personality first provides a clear objective in a complex process. Instead of trying to determine which of the many factors you should prioritize (room size,

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