AHCA Documentary – Closed Doors, Open Hearts: Nursing Homes and COVID-19

The Maplewood is pleased to share this American Health Care Association (AHCA) documentary, recipient of a National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter (Capital) Emmy Award.

The documentary highlights the experiences of two nursing homes on opposite sides of the country during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It features the heroic staff and their selfless acts to care for residents. It also provides an inside look at what has really been happening with nursing homes since early 2020, and why continued support of this vital healthcare sector is so important.

“As I watched this stirring video, it brought about memories,” says Greg Chambery, Administrator. “Some were raw and challenging and others brought an unbelievable sense of joy and satisfaction. It was a moving experience. For me, watching this story was helpful in positioning the experience our facility went through and served as a helpful tool in re-energizing the effort to move our organization forward.”

Even if you don’t work in or have a loved one in a Rochester nursing home, everyone has a connection to the situation and will find this video worth watching.