Volunteering Brightens Our Lives

When you volunteer, you leave someone else’s life brighter at the end of the day. And, our volunteers tell us that helping others makes their lives brighter too. Volunteering should be this way. You should love what you are doing when you are volunteering and you should get something out of each visit.

This is why at The Maplewood we cater to our volunteers’ personal preferences and unique abilities. We let you lead the way for your volunteering journey and decide how you would like to spend their time here. If you volunteer feel like getting a cup of coffee and relaxing, you can sit comfortably in one of our cafés and share a bit of conversation with one of our residents that afternoon. If you like physical activity, you may enjoy keeping busy transporting our residents to and from our many activities or appointments around the building.

Do you have a special talent? Perhaps you can paint like Van Gogh or bake like Julia Child? You would be fabulous at teaching an art class or hosting a delicious cooking show for our residents to enjoy! Maybe you’re a quieter volunteer whose talent is calming and soothing those who need an ear to listen? You would be a perfect volunteer for visiting and sitting with our residents. There are so many options to brighten every resident and volunteer’s day.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, packaged with many shining personalities and talents. They might be an energetic two-year old who dances room to room for a smile and a sweet treat with her patient mother, spreading happiness along the way. They could be the 90-year-old singer who just wants to make everyone feel the warmth of music. The 16-year-old ice skater could be making a new best friend with an 85-year-old woman she visits every time she volunteers. A grown adult child, who has just said goodbye to her 90-year-old mother and wants to give back, might just be one of our most special volunteers who can connect in a way no one else can understand. Or the newly retired engineer who wants to reach out and keep busy in his free time.

All of our volunteers make the lives of our residents brighter and their selfless contributions allow The Maplewood to offer amazing programs, activities and experiences that enrich our residents’ lives each and every day.

If you have a passion for the elderly and would like to share your time and talents here at The Maplewood, please contact Lori Porte, Volunteer Coordinator, at 585-872-1800 x 4017 or email her to set up an appointment today.