Rehabilitation in the Lap of Luxury

When you come to The Maplewood for rehabilitation after a hospital stay or surgery, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury resort. As our guest while you recover, you’ll enjoy amenities like a spacious private room, laundry and housekeeping services and fine dining options. Our friendly staff will welcome you and make sure you have everything you need, so you can focus on getting back to the life you want to lead.

Caregiving with a difference

Modified Yoga and Chair Chi

Ann Sanders, CPT, Certified Chair Chi Instructor

Ann Shanders shares the benefits of modified yoga and chair chi, two forms of exercise that we've added to our wellness classes at The Maplewood.

Individualized Care to Meet Your Therapy Goals

While we focus on your comfort, you can rest assured knowing we also provide the highest quality care. You’ll be evaluated by medical professionals who take your health, goals and preferences into consideration to determine an individualized plan of care that’s best for you.

We offer everything you need right here including state-of-the-art equipment, licensed physical therapists and advanced treatments to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. The Maplewood bridges the gap between hospital care and home life. And we do it in style.


  • Maplewood In-Depth

    Caring for Complex Rehabilitation Needs

    There are three types of admissions at The Maplewood; respite, rehabilitation and long-term care. Skilled nursing care and support is required for all types of admissions and stays at The Maplewood whether they are short or long stays. It is the rehabilitation stays that have changed the most significantly over the past year.

Joint Replacement Specialists

Many of our short-term residents come to us for recovery from joint replacement surgery. We’re happy to offer a comfortable home-away-from-home with top-quality nursing care to get you back to peak performance.

With licensed therapists, technologically advanced equipment and therapy designed specifically for you, we will help you maximize your post-surgery potential.

  • Tools & Tips

    Nursing Home Visit Checklist

    As you perform your research on multiple skilled nursing facilities, we invite you to use this nursing home checklist during your tours. The checklist is a handy tool as you ask questions about resident life, living spaces, staff, safety, and care.  Adobe Reader required to view and print.


  • From the blog

    Meet Our Physical Therapy Team

    Liz Benedict and Cindy Taber

    Liz Benedict, MS, PT, brings plenty of experience to those in her care, including over 16 years of nearly every aspect of physical therapy. Therapy Assistant Cindy Taber works mostly with our long-term care residents, helping to preserve range of motion.

The Maplewood Difference

Providing excellent care in a comfortable and natural setting

Though we are a fully licensed provider of rehabilitation services, many tell us The Maplewood doesn’t feel like a medical facility. Some say it feels like a fancy hotel, while other say it feels like home.

You won’t hear overhead paging or loud machinery in our halls. You will notice clean, odor-free hallways and unobtrusive nursing stations.

But make no mistake. The Maplewood employs a fully-certified staff of nurses and aides to make sure your needs are met. You can depend on us to give you the very best in the most personal and caring manner.

  • Meet Ann Shanders

    Therapy & Wellness Manager

    “I love the personal interaction with the residents and knowing that I’ve made someone's day better.”

    I’ve worked at The Maplewood for nearly 20 years, first as a nursing assistant and now as Therapy & Wellness Manager. What I do now is a lot like being a personal trainer. I help the resident work through their exercise plans and make sure they are doing all they can to maintain their strength and mobility.

    I love the personal interaction with the residents and knowing I made someone’s day better. I’m a big Zumba enthusiast, and I always bring that high energy into the therapy gym with me. I think everyone feeds off of that energy and it motivates them to do their own exercises. It’s a win-win for sure.