Specialist Spotlight…Gordy the Barber

Gordy Wright

Ask our barber Gordon “Gordy” Wright about his favorite part of providing haircuts for residents at The Maplewood. “My favorite part is the stories. Some of these guys are pretty interesting! We’ve got fighter pilots, builders, Great Lakes shipping captains…” We think Gordy is pretty special too. And we’re glad to have him as part of the Maplewood family of caregivers.

Gordy, who owns Gordy’s Barber Styling on Creek Street in Webster, has been taking care of Maplewood’s male residents since 1986. Gordy’s father first established the family hair care business, and his brother owned his own barbershop as well. You can say caring for people is in Gordy’s blood.

Having spent a number of years away from his Webster home as a young man, one can imagine that Gordy has plenty stories of his own to share. Gordy served two years in the Navy, stationed in Puerto Rico until December of 1968. Gordy remembers with a grin, “When you live in the Caribbean and then you come back here in December, it’s not nice.” In search of warmer weather, Gordy landed in Arizona where he met his wife. One of his jobs was working for Coca Cola “selling soda pop in the desert in summer time.” Before long, Gordy was ready to go back to barbering again, and he and his wife moved back to our area in 1982.

Gordy visits The Maplewood once a month to take care of his customers, with each resident receiving his own style of haircut according to his own preference. For Gordy, there are no “one size fits all” haircuts. When he visits, Gordy is always impressed with the cleanliness, level of care, and overall friendliness at The Maplewood.

Thank you Gordy, for your years of service at The Maplewood. We look forward to many more years of interesting stories and excellent care.