Welcoming Spaces to Make Your Own

Our goal is to make a lasting impression when you first visit The Maplewood. If you’re one of our many regular guests, our commitment is to make every one of your visits inviting and relaxing – just like home.

Make Yourself at Home

Sit, Relax, Live

Lounges and greeting spaces at The Maplewood are built with one thing in mind: your comfort. Greet Maplewood staff in our lobby, or simply relax as your companions join your visit. Spend time with your loved one in comfort and tranquility in one of our many lounges. Enjoy a concert in our community room. Catch your favorite TV show or answer your e-mail after enjoying a meal.

Make Yourself at Home Block
Crystal Room

Harmonious Living in the Crystal Room

Approaching the entrance of the Crystal Room, the sound of warm applause completes the final sustain of the opening number. Once you enter the spacious and inviting community gathering area and see the size of the assembled crowd, you realize the space has been transformed into a concert hall.

Outdoor Environments

Your Peaceful Retreat

Enjoy an afternoon stroll among our wheelchair-accessible nature trails. You can relax in our beautiful outdoor courtyard or choose to converse in the gazebo overlooking a serene pond. With floor-to-ceiling windows in our sitting rooms, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature’s peaceful atmosphere year round.

Maplewood Nature Walk

Meet Gail Ross

Director of Environmental Services

Gail Ross, Our Team

“Every day I meet with my staff to make sure we take care of whatever needs our attention.”

I’ve worked here for nearly 20 years, and I love the atmosphere. Whenever people visit, they all say the same thing: The Maplewood is the cleanest building of its type with the most beautiful grounds they’ve ever seen. And it’s important to me to keep it that way because I know our families love to wheel residents on the trails, relax in the gazebo or sit together by the pond.

I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated, so I never ask them to do something I wouldn’t do myself, even if that means taking my turn doing windows!

The facility is fabulous and well run. It's the best nursing home I've ever seen.