Room Service

Prefer some private time, or simply want to enjoy a quiet lunch with family? Maplewood offers room service for your convenience. Order off the Room Service Menu already in your room anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. by simply dialing 4035, and we’ll be sure to accommodate. With room service, you can share a bottle of wine with family or eat a late breakfast-for-one because we’re here to make your mealtime easy and delicious.

Room Service

Maplewood In-Depth

In-Suite Meal Delivery at The Maplewood

In-suite dining has always been a mealtime option at The Maplewood, providing an extra level of choice for our nursing home residents. Mike Fall brings us up-to-speed on the philosophy behind in-suite meal delivery, the benefits of the system, and what the future holds.

Meet Brandon Pensgen

Dining Room Captain

Brandon Pensgen

It’s no wonder that Brandon Pensgen (at left in photo), who works so hard to ensure memorable dining experiences for our residents and their guests, would be so drawn to capturing a special moment in time with his camera.

Through his hobby, as through his work as Dining Room Captain, Brandon helps create and curate experiences that can be enjoyed and remembered by many.

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