Staying Connected with Elderly Loved Ones

by Gregory Chambery, Administrator

Staying connected with elderly loved ones is difficult right now, but I’m proud to share one particular way the team at The Maplewood is helping families feel close to one another.

We know our residents value family time a lot. Because it’s not currently safe for nursing homes to receive visitors, we’ve invested in a number of Chromebook laptops for video chats. Video chatting is a risk-free way for our residents to stay in touch with their children, grandchildren and friends. The chats have been a hit!

A big thank you to Gary Sacco, our Recreation Director, and his team for handling the video chat initiative. If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can video chat with your loved ones, too. We have found the free Google Duo app to be pretty easy to use. There are also lots of other options, like Zoom or FaceTime. It’s not quite the same as spending time together in person, but the smiles can be just as big.

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