How to Safely Tour a Nursing Home During COVID-19

by The Maplewood
How to safety tour a nursing home during covid-19

As we continue to navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and adjust to a new normal, The Maplewood has implemented effective measures to ensure a safe experience for its staff, residents and visitors.

At the onset of the pandemic, the Maplewood staff responded quickly, carefully evaluating every aspect of its operations. The staff thoroughly reviewed all infection control protocols and enhanced policies and procedures, where it was needed. A supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory was increased and an alternative staffing plan was created to ensure shifts would be covered if employees became ill.

“Our staff is well-trained and prepared to treat infectious diseases. We are accustomed to dealing with influenza, which is also a respiratory illness and requires similar practices for preventing the spread to other residents and staff,” said Greg Chambery, administrator at The Maplewood.

“We continue to be guided by recommendations from the New York State Department of Health and CMS regarding COVID-19 precautions and procedures to protect and maintain the health and safety of our residents and staff,” adds Chambery.

To date, there have been no positive COVD-19 cases among the residents at The Maplewood. Only one employee tested positive for the virus back in July. This is a remarkable accomplishment, especially considering the unfortunate outcomes many nursing homes have seen during this challenging time.

Adjusting to a New Normal

Fortunately, the layout of the facility has served The Maplewood well. All resident rooms are private and have private bathrooms, which eliminates the concern of resident-to-resident contact from shared living quarters. And, if someone is on precautions, they are isolated in a beautiful, comfortable space, much like a hotel suite.

The restrictions to keep everyone safe has created a new challenge in regard to social engagement. The staff immediately went to work planning meaningful social experiences, in addition to making sure residents continue to be connected with their families and Maplewood community during this time.

Enough time has now passed (following the employee positive report) that visitors are now allowed in the building under the conditions put forth by the State.

On August 19, The Maplewood started its official family visiting process, conducting inside family visits five times a day. Patio visits with cell phones during off hours, as well as Zoom, Face Time and Google duo visits are still taking place.

Virtual tours are taking place on a limited basis. A social worker screens applicants first to ensure they are a match for the facility. Once a match is established, an iPad tour is arranged.

New Guidelines for Visitors

On July 10, New York State released guidelines for nursing homes to allow visitors. Please click here to see our current visitation policy.

Contact Us

The Maplewood staff will continue to adjust to this new normal, while ensuring a safe experience for our staff, residents and visitors.

If interested in learning more about The Maplewood or would like to participate in a virtual tour, contact Lynn Pierce, social services director, at (585) 872-1800, ext. 4022 or complete the form here.

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