Visiting with Family and Friends

We know that visiting with each other means the world to our residents and their families. In addition to brightening each other’s days and boosting spirits, seeing loved ones brings great peace of mind. Given today’s ever changing situation and the challenges of visitation in nursing homes, we offer several options for residents and family members to continue to see each other. Whatever comes our way, rest assured that Maplewood is dedicated to making sure residents stay connected with their families.

Safe, Indoor Visits

The Maplewood has always focused on making family feel welcome. We’ve developed a safe process for indoor visiting when possible. Spacious living room style lounges are set up for hosting in-person family visits. Comfortable seating and a cozy atmosphere create a lovely setting for spending some time together.

Clearview Visiting

Video Chats

Laptops and iPads are available for residents to video chat with family and friends and staff is ready to assist with these types of calls. Residents love the interaction and being able to see their loved ones on screen. A terrific way to stay connected between visits and for out of town family members.

Virtual Dining

At this time, due to safety requirements, we are unable to have guests join us for in-person meals. We look forward to a future time when we can once again welcome resident families and friends to dine at Maplewood again. In the meantime, we’ve created the next best thing with our virtual dining program.  You can share a meal with family and friends via video chat. Staff coordinate everything ahead of time and then facilitate the facetime call with an iPad set up at your table. We can even prepare a special dish, birthday treat or happy hour style food, so you and your family can dine as though you are in-person.