Family Update - May 16

A Message From Greg Chambery, Administrator

I write you today with some good news. All residents were negative during COVID PCR testing last week. The same was true during rapid testing this morning. We are still seeing occasional staff testing positive. In the last 24 hours, 2 staff members tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. At this moment, we have a total of 3 staff members who have tested positive and are out on a quarantine period.

Given the significant progress in the COVID situation at the Maplewood, we feel it is appropriate to reduce some of the infection control protocols that have been in place for the past few weeks. Some changes that are happening today are as follows:

  • We will discontinue shields
  • We will no longer require staff to wear KN95 masks
  • We will discontinue 6 ft. apart dining
  • We will reengage with our regular activities
  • We will move back to 2x/wk. testing for un-boosted staff and discontinue mandatory testing for fully vaccinated staff
  • Visitors will continue to be required to test within 24 hours of the visit. We will not require compassionate caregivers to be tested

Although we hope we are seeing a break from COVID for a while, we know we need to stand ready to move back to a defensive stance if necessary.

I would like to take a moment to thank the entire staff for all they have done over these last few weeks. They are all very special people who demonstrate their dedication to our residents, families, and each other every day.

As always we appreciate your support and take seriously the faith you have placed in us to care for your loved one. Thank you.

Most Sincerely,

Greg Chambery