Family Update - August 30

A Message From Gary Sacco, Director of Recreation

Gary Sacco, Director of RecreationI’m pleased to introduce StoriiCare, an exciting new platform for residents’ family members. Some of the features of StoriiCare include:

  • Viewing the activities and events your resident has attended
  • Viewing the calendar of all upcoming recreation offerings
  • Viewing and adding life information and interests to the resident profile
  • and more …

StoriiCare replaces our previous system that generated the monthly Resident Recreation Report that some of you have been receiving. You will no longer receive those reports. Instead, you can see all of that information and much more in this new platform.

If you are listed as your resident’s health care proxy or you’ve been receiving a monthly Resident Recreation Report, you’ll be receiving an email within the next few days inviting you to join StoriiCare and connect to information pertaining to your resident.

The invitation will come from the following email: and will have the following subject line: The Maplewood has invited you to be connected to [Resident Name] as a Connection. The email message will contain a Log-In link for you to get started.

We hope you’ll take a moment to log-in and activate your account, and take a look at some of the information available to you.

Below is a helpful video to get you started with logging in and beginning to use some of the features.