Tips for Caring for Elderly
in the Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Maplewood Infection Preventionist, JeanAnn Kubishin, BS, RN, shares information to help those caring for the elderly in the community during the COVID-19 crisis:

I’m worried about an elderly loved one I care for. How do I best protect them from getting COVID-19?
The best prevention is good hand washing, covering your cough, staying away if you are sick and practicing social distancing. If you must be within 6 feet of your loved one and do not have a mask to wear, scarfs or bandanas are a safe alternative.

What if I’m caring for an elderly loved one and someone in my home gets infected with COVID-19?
If someone within your household tests positive for COVID-19, you and your loved ones will be advised by the Department of Health as to what measures you will need to take.

What should I do if I think my elderly loved one might have COVID-19?
If you think that you or your loved one has COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath), the first thing to do is to call the Primary Doctor. If you do not have a Primary Doctor, then call the Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline Number at 585-753-555. Do not go to Emergency or the doctor’s office without calling first.

What do I do if my elderly loved one requires nursing care during the crisis?
Nursing facilities and home care agencies are all being guided by the Department of Health and CDC as to preventative measures to implement to keep elders safe during this crisis. Your Primary Doctor will direct you in this process as services are needed for your loved one.

Are nursing facilities accepting new residents during the crisis?
Yes, for the most part, but we can only speak for The Maplewood. We are accepting new residents as rooms become available as long as we can meet your loved one’s needs. As new residents enter our facility, there will be a screening process and precautions implemented based on the new resident’s risk of exposure to COVID-19 prior to entering Maplewood.

Additional information is available on the NYS Department of Health website at: