Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get to The Maplewood?

The Maplewood is nestled in the village of Webster, NY at 100 Daniel Drive. We have a Main Street entrance, adjacent to Webster Automotive, which is located at 109 West Main.

Is mail service available?

Residents can send and receive mail. The Business Office has an outgoing mailbox that is delivered to the post office regularly. Also, we will deliver any incoming mail to your room daily.

Is The Maplewood affiliated with other nursing homes?

The Maplewood is not affiliated with other nursing homes. We are independently owned, proudly, for over 70 years.

How big is The Maplewood?

The Maplewood houses 74 private rooms, with several sizes from which to choose.

In what ways can my loved one’s room be personalized?

We know there are some touches of home that we all enjoy. Just let our social worker know what you would like to bring in and we can help you choose those desired items that are within Department of Health regulations.

How does TV service work in my loved one’s room?

Our complimentary DIRECTV channel lineup has been carefully selected to provide a full range of programming.

Is phone service available in my loved one’s room?

Phone service is available at a nominal monthly fee and can be arranged by contacting the business office at extension 4010.

How do we set up newspaper delivery?

Newspapers are available in Happenings Restaurant and in Danny’s Coffee Bar. We can arrange for you to receive your own newspaper - simply contact the business office at extension 4010.

What housekeeping services are available?

Daily room cleaning, sanitation and linen services are provided each day. We make every effort to respect privacy. If there is a preferred time to clean your loved one’s room just ask your housekeeper.

When should my loved one use the room call bell?

If there is ever a question about using the call light to summon staff, please don’t hesitate to call for assistance. We’re here to be of service and expect to be called for help or questions.

Where can we eat at The Maplewood?

Our residents generally enjoy their meals at Happenings Restaurant. Residents with guests are invited to eat at Danny's Grill. Meals are also available at Danny’s Coffee Bar. In good weather, our outside Maple Bay Café is also available at anytime for meals, drinks and snacks.

Can we get room service?

If you feel like staying in for a meal or two, room service is available at anytime that the kitchen is open. Simply dial extension 4035.

How do we make dining reservations?

Reserve your table by contacting Dining Services at extension 4035.

How many dining guests can we have?

We can accommodate a couple of guests quite easily. For groups of more than four guests, we recommend making a reservation in advance. We will always do our best to take care of your needs regardless of the size of your group.

Can we reserve a private room for family functions?

We have several options available for private functions. Just call extension 4035 or stop in and talk to our Dining Services department and we will do as much or as little as you would like.

Can we choose the activities we participate in?

Attending or not attending an activity is always at the discretion of our residents and their family members. To participate in any of the activities, simply mention it to our nursing staff or any member of the recreation department and you will be assisted in getting to that function.

What spiritual programs do you offer?

Every week of the month features a spiritual service at The Maplewood. Clergymen are encouraged to call on residents of their faith.

I hear a lot about “Main Street Maplewood” What is it?

Main Street Maplewood is our complimentary happy hour. It's a terrific opportunity to enjoy socializing with friends and family while enjoying a chef prepared hors d’oeuvre with a featured beverages. These receptions are held from 4:00-6:00 pm every Thursday and Friday at Danny’s Grill.

Is there access to outdoor amenities?

Being outdoors, especially during those short summer months, is very appealing. Residents can be assessed for outdoor privileges. Maplewood’s volunteers are always available to take willing residents outdoors. Family members and friends are encouraged to spend time outdoors together, too.

Once outside, where can we go?

Enjoy our nature filled courtyard or take a stroll around our pond. Maple Bay Café is another cool place to relax outdoors with a meal or simply to visit with each other. You can even enjoy the surrounding village community via our Main Street pedestrian ways.

Do you have WiFi Internet access?

Yes we do. Use your laptop or mobile device to share pictures, catch up on the news, watch the stock market and chat with a far-away relative or friend. The connection is also accessible at Maple Bay Café and other outdoor locations.

Does my loved one need an appointment for the salon?

It’s always a good idea to make an appointment for salon visits so the experience can be enjoyed at just the right time. To make an appointment, simply contact the business office at extension 4010.

Is transportation available?

The social worker can coordinate transportation needs in-house. Just notify our nursing staff about appointments outside of The Maplewood, and they let our social worker know that transportation is needed.

What are The Maplewood’s visiting hours?

We encourage loved ones to be active during all periods of the resident’s day and welcome visitors to come at any time that works for both of your schedules. It be coffee and breakfast in the morning, participating in an activity together, dining in the evening, or spending a little bit of quiet time before sleep.

How will my loved one know when we’re coming for a visit?

We encourage you to contact the Nurse Manager on your loved one’s nursing unit and share your visitation plans. Your loved one will then be promptly notified.

Who will do the laundry?

The Maplewood provides services for residents’ personal laundry. If your family prefers to handle handle laundry yourselves, please alert our nursing staff. Clothing items laundered by Maplewood are labeled.

When will we meet the care team?

Residents who are new to Maplewood are evaluated by all disciplines and an interdisciplinary care plan conference is scheduled. Care plan conferences are also scheduled to occur annually and upon significant changes in condition.

Can pets come in to visit?

Pets are welcome at The Maplewood. We do ask that an up-to-date copy of the pet’s vaccinations are delivered to us prior to the first visit. Please contact our Director of Recreation at extension 4017 regarding pet visits.

What’s the difference between The Maplewood’s therapy services?

Restorative therapy services include physical and occupational therapies where residents are working in a goal-based program to regain certain capabilities. After completing their program, many of our residents move into a maintenance therapy program to preserve as much capability as possible.

Are there any additional fees to be part of an exercise program?

Our maintenance therapy program, which focuses on flexibility and mobility, is available to all of our residents at no additional charge.

How much clothing should be packed for a short-term rehabilitation stay?

We like to encourage rehabilitation patients to pack for a week, like going on a trip.

What scheduling options are available?

We have group exercise sessions in the morning, as well as individualized sessions. We also have wellness classes. It comes down to personal preference and that which will maximize the benefit of the program.

Before living at The Maplewood, my loved one enjoyed spending time at a health club. Are there similar activities at The Maplewood?

Yes, many of the activities we offer at The Maplewood will be familiar to your loved one from his/her experience at a local gym or health club. For example, part of our wellness class now includes modified Yoga poses and modified T’ai Chi (“Chair Chi”). We even offer breathing exercises.

Are there other specialty services available at The Maplewood?

Yes! For example, our massage therapist comes to The Maplewood regularly to provide relaxing and beneficial massages for our residents. Just note that there is an additional fee, which our Therapy Manager will be happy to tell you more about.

100 Daniel Drive | Webster, NY 14580 | (585) 872-1800